An HR strategy that allows everyone to grow individually and collectively.

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As an expert in human resources, Ultreïa helps small and medium-sized companies define an HR strategy that enables their employees to grow individually and collectively.

We specifically help organizations in their transition phase to enable them to better embrace a new direction. We then support our clients in the concrete implementation of the validated strategy.

Ultreïa works in a variety of sectors, often for developing start-ups that want to structure their approach to better recruit, engage and retain their talent.

Beyond the strategic HR dimension and in line with her coaching skills, Sophie Digard, founder of Ultreïa, has her clients work on their corporate values so that they are consistent and aligned with their business ambitions.

Regularly, the HR strategy must include change management, both for the management team and for their teams. The change management in the company culture space also involves setting up and running very concrete workshops, such as co-development workshops.

The subjects are numerous and exciting and each time require an understanding of the individual challenges of the company, a 100% adaptation to the particular needs of the client in order to enable them to achieve business performance, engaged employees and to go beyond, together.

Do you want to go beyond?

Benefit from Ultreïa’s expertise to challenge your HR and managerial practices.

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Do you want to go

Take advantage of Ultreïa’s expertise to challenge yourself and take another look at your professional situation and your HR and managerial practices.

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